August Top 5

Hey Guys,

Every month i am going to be doing a top 5 this is going to be products that i am currently loving! I am always trying new things so this is going to change all the time. I will leave links to where you can purchase the item as well.

1.) The first product i am obsessed with this month has to be the Benefit ‘dew the Hoola’

Now i honestly do not think i would of even thought to try this product until i see it free with the magazine Elle in Tesco! It is only a sample size but it came free with this months issue so for £4.10 i couldn’t say no!

 First off i am a sucker for packaging and this rose gold bottle is to die for. I also love the pump lid making it easy to put the product on the back of your hand before application. I do not know about you but my face really struggles to hold a tan, where as my body goes brown quickly. So when i apply makeup i always end up with a pale face not matching my neck 😦

This stuff has honestly been a life saver since the weather has finally been nice in England! Adding a small pea amount of this in my current foundation gives me the perfect sun-kissed tan to match my body! I have even worn this without foundation for a more natural look. If you are worried that you might not like it and do not want to pay out the full price of £22.50 get Elle magazine this month and try the sample!! you wont regret it.

2.) The next item has been one of my favorites for a very long time and i cant see this changing anytime soon, it has to be the ‘Batiste Dry Shampoo’ I have tried quite a few of the different fragrances but my personal preference has to be the Cherry!

I Wash my hair every other day so i don’t usually use this for greasiness but actually for creating more body, I love the way my hair has more volume as soon as i add some dry shampoo. I have used other brands before and they don’t work well with my hair sometimes they actually make my hair look greasy, which i know sounds ridiculous.

 This product can be purchased in any Boots/Superdrug and retails at around £1.98. But keep a look out they constantly have offers on! and when they do i am always sure to stock up Hehehehehe

3.) Number 3 is one that everyone has probably heard about already and i am really behind on but i have to include it because it really is my go to product at the moment,’Anastasia Dipbrow pomade’ i use the colour Dark Brown but it comes in several other shades.

Before using this product i would only ever use a pencil to fill in my brows and never once thought i would get on with a gel like product. But since using this omg BROW GOALS.

Seriously you need to try it to believe me, it is so easy to work with and blend giving you sleek looking eyebrows but still being able to create individual hair lines. I use this product with the Anastasia eyebrow brush, but i’m sure you could get the same effect with a cheaper drug store angled brush.

This product can be purchased online at Beauty Bay for £15.00 and other online stores.

4.) Now number 4 isn’t a beauty product but still has to be included in my top 5 as they haven’t left my feet since my boyfriend bought them for me!

They are not cheap but they are 100% a key piece in my wardrobe now.

My Nike Huarache Ultra’s in the colour black. Whether you are going shopping for the day, chilling at home, hitting the gym or going out with the girls for the night they compliment every outfit. The only thing i would say is i am usually a size 5 in every type of shoe or trainer and in these i got a size 4. They fit like socks, they are by far the most comfortable footwear i own hence why i have been constantly wearing them!

 These trainers can be bought in JDsports and other sportswear shops and they retail at around £100.

5.) Last but not least has to be the ‘Hugo BOSS Nuit Intense Pour Femme Eau de Parfum’

 I totally copied and pasted that by the way wouldnt of had a clue how to spell that 😉

This perfume is seriously the bomb diggity! I always get complimented on it when wearing and it lasts all day. I love the packaging as it looks sleek and expensive when really it is quite affordable. I purchased mine from Debenhams for £40.00 but if you go on fragrance direct online it can be purchased for only £29.95  which is a complete steal!!


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