Maybe its Maybelline!

BeautyRight before i start this blog i just want to clarify i am no makeup artist (MUA) these are all my personal opinions and preferences. what I’m saying may not be right and products that don’t work for me might be great for you, and products i love you might hate but hey ho on with the show!

Above is a picture of the foundation but not my exact one because i didn’t wanna upload mine with a dirty sponge, I’m all about that lazy life haha (thanks google)

Last week i took a journey into my local superdrug and stumbled across the new Maybelline dream velvet foundation and couldn’t resist purchasing it, along with the blender they recommend. I didn’t intend to write a blog but i was so impressed with the results i had to share.

I got the foundation in the shade (40fawn) and think it is perfect for my skin tone.

The application of the foundation is so smooth and velvety exactly how it claims to be but its so light and fresh on the skin. It almost feels like a bb cream on the face, but has the potential to build to a full coverage foundation.

The applicator that i purchased with the foundation is brilliant Maybelline has nailed the shape as it is perfect to conceal under the eyes and in the little areas that are hard to reach. It also leaves the foundation looking seamless.

I didn’t think  i would like this foundation at all to be totally honest but i am blown away and for the price of £7.99 it was a complete steal!!!

Below i will insert some pictures of me wearing the foundation all my makeup has been applied by my little sister “melodieofford” add her on instagram..

She’s not a makeup artist she is self taught but a whole lot better at makeup then me 🙂

Hope you enjoy this blog!

 Much Love

Melissa Offord XO


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