Finding The Perfect Choker

Nothing completes an outfit like a good ole choker right?

Some trends seem to come and go but it seems like chokers have stayed forever, i’m not complaining mind because i personally love them. I have selected some different variations from Instagram and included links to where you can purchase one like it.

1. Velvet Black Choker 

Starting off with the basic that would go with any outfit imaginable is this black velvet choker and lets be honest who can resist, Well let me rephrase that ‘i cant resist’ as i have already purchased this and added it to my ever growing collection. Love the pastel pink leather jacket gives the outfit an edgy vibe.

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

2. Lace Up Choker

 A more adventurous one is this lace up thick black choker. I love the sexy feel to this Choker and i haven’t yet seen any like this, with a white Bardot top and black jeans this would be the ultimate Outfit. Love how effortless this looks.

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

3. Silver  Detailed Choker

The next choker is basic but with a touch of class, The silver detailing makes it a lovely addition to any statement outfit. Its one of them accessories you can wear and wear again. ‘Jonanamendham’ making the main feature of her outfit the choker, and rightly so its beautiful!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

4.Wide Velvet Coloured Choker 

Another one to add to my list is this Velvet Thick choker, with a plain black bodycon dress / playsuit, this would add a pop of colour and lots of sass! I think it would stand out with the velvet material and really add some character to an outfit. So simple yet so stylishly styled by ‘alexcygnet’ looks great with a pony tail.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

5.BOOHOO – Plus Oana Bow Tie Choker

The last choker and by far the most popular at the moment is the lace choker, i must admit i am guilty of this trend. I seriously love the way it looks especially with an off the shoulder / bardot top! I purchased mine at Boohoo so i will include the link and photo but most shops sell this design now. At only £3 this is a complete steal!



So that concludes my choker blog but definitely does not conclude my obsession. 🙂

Are you into the Choker trend? If So which is your personal Favourite? I would love to know, tell me in the comments below.

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as i enjoyed writing it,

Much love

Melissa Offord XO


15 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Choker

  1. I need more chokers in my life. I loveee that lace up one. I have a simple black pleather one with a silver ring in the middle from express and I wear it all the time. I am wearing a leather dress to my friend’s bday this weekend in the city and looking forward to breaking out the choker ; )

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