Regime London/Forza Supplement Review

Hi Guys,

It feels like ages since i wrote my last blog, but its only been 5 days! whaaaaat madness.

Anyway today i’m going to be reviewing some products sent to me by the lovely people at Regime London & Forza Supplements.

The first item they sent me was the Coconut Quench Capsules and here is what they claim todo:-

“Achieve a deeper level of skin hydration with this refreshing blend of coconut water extract and hyaluronic acid. Each serving contains the equivalent of 4000mg of fresh coconut water and a high strength dose of hyaluronic acid to increase the moisture content of the skin.


A daily intake of 240mg of hyaluronic acid has been shown to significantly increase both facial and whole body skin hydration.*

After just 3 weeks of use, subjects experienced a 6.3% increase in moisture content below the eye and a 5.6% increase at the back of the neck. In addition, 90.9% of subjects noted significant improvements in skin dryness after 6 weeks of use.*”


I actually used this for the full 30 days and did see a big improvement in my skin, I often suffer with dry patches and find it hard to apply makeup on those areas as they look worse, but since using this my skin appears more smooth and gives my makeup a much nicer base. I have also since using this realized a much more even skin tone, overall i am very happy with the results and would recommend this product 100%. The tablets are easy to swallow and you don’t have to mess around with a whole skincare routine taking up loads of time you literally just take the capsule and go, actually you could even take these on the go! What could be easier to achieve flawless skin.

The next item they sent me was from the Forza range and is the Greens With Benefits – Beauty Care Capsules.


What they claim todo:-

“Pamper yourself with this refreshing blend of vegetable extracts, which includes wheatgrass, avocado, cucumber, tomato and coconut water. Furthermore, the addition of hyaluronic acid helps to keep your skin looking plump, toned and radiant.

This natural cosmetic supplement also contains zinc to help protect your hair, skin and nails, and copper to help maintain normal skin and hair pigmentation.

Greens With Benefits

Experience the full Greens With Benefits range, designed to support your nutrition with the goodness of superfoods.”

I took these along side the regime london coconut quench and think they worked well together to achieve a more radiant look. Also my hair and nails have grown a lot since taking the capsules. I can’t say which this is down to but i presume its from the beauty care capsules from Forza. I’m not usually someone that would believe in magic pills and i would never have bought these but omg i’m so impressed i’m actually going to repurchase them! Love both items and they are really affordable too!

I also want to thank Regime London & Forza supplements for giving me the opportunity to review their products and discover amazing products i would of never tried before!


Let me know if you have tried any products from either of the ranges and let me know how you go on with them? I would love to know.

Much Love

Melissa Offord XO


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