10 facts about me

  1. I am originally from Hackney, London. Lived there until I was 11 then the whole family moved to be country bumpkins instead here in Essex.
  2. I am extremely claustrophobic, like seriously it takes over my life. (NO JOKE)
  3. I own the cutest lop eared bunny named ‘Armani’ hes my babyboy.
  4. I have worked in construction & civil engineering for the past 3 years and I love it!
  5. I didn’t go college, I went straight into work as soon as I left school. I even had a paper round while I was at school!
  6. I used to do Judo and got to a Green belt, I fought in different countries & across the UK but gave up as it took up all of my free time.
  7. I am a qualified swimming teacher and did that for a while when I left school.
  8. I am a total tanaholic and if im not laying out in the sun trying to catch a tan im getting it out of a bottle. I just can’t do pale, trust me i’ve tried.
  9. I have a sister named Melodie and we both get called Mel, which can be quite confusing. (Nice one mum&dad) 😉
  10. I love everything fashion / beauty and skincare which explains why I began blogging.

That’s it a little insight into the real me, Hope you enjoyed or maybe just found out a little more about me if nothing else.

Thanks for reading as always,

Much Love


Melissa Offord XO


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