Topshop Denim.


Struggle finding jeans that fit perfectly round your waist, bum, thighs & ankles?

Want to wear jeans but be able to move around as if you were wearing leggings?

Want to choose what length you want your jeans along with specific waist size?

If you want all of the above, Your in the right place.

Topshop jeans have always been my go too, I literally can’t wear any other jeans now. I own so many different styles and colours that i thought it was about time to share my collection with you all. I am going to show pictures off the website as they look so much cuter online then on a hanger in my wardrobe.










I always try to buy my jeans from the petite section of Topshop as they have shorter leg lengths which i prefer, I am around 5FT2 and i like my skinny jeans to fall just above my ankle. That is my personal preference, but i do have to go a size up when i shop in petite around the waist.

Topshop jeans are that bit more on the pricey side but i assure you now you will not be disappointed especially if you like high waisted jeans they really do have the perfect denim.


Hope you enjoyed this post, Let me know if you already own a pair of Topshop Jeans and let me know what you think of them!

Thanks for reading, Much Love.

Melissa Offord XO


18 thoughts on “Topshop Denim.

  1. Yess! I’m quite tall but literally have no hips, so I always need a smaller waist and a longer length. Topshop always have my size! Amazing quality too- I have worn my mom jeans a bazillion times and they haven’t shrunk or faded. The denim is so durable! So many colours too. Although they are quite pricey, I really think they’re worth it! Great post x

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  2. I never would’ve thought to go shop for jeans in Topshop but after reading this post I’ll definitely give it a look! With my body shape I find it hard to find jeans that fit my hips but aren’t baggy around the rest of my legs or my waist if they’re high waisted. Such a nuisance, I wear Ivy Park leggings most of the time now. Life changing haha xx

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