October Top 5

  1. BRONZER, I am always looking for the perfect bronzer to give me that sun-kissed glow, but refuse to pay a lot as i use it daily i like to find affordable high street ones. Well girls i have found just that..

8966628507678.jpgI must say up until now i haven’t been a big fan of collection 2000 makeup, but this has swayed my opinion a little. Talk about value for money at £4.19, i love this bronzer. The colour is perfect for my skintone and doesn’t leave my skin looking cakey, which i find some powders do. Also i love that it leaves a matt finish as i tend to get oily throughout the day.


2.  BRAIDS – The next one on my favorites list isn’t a product but more a method i have been loving this month, Sleeping in braids and having curly hair the next day. Simply washing my hair leaving it to dry a little bit but while it is still damp french plait my hair into two and go to sleep, Wake up in the morning and take them out you are left with a beautiful crimped hair style, no heat damage and so quick in the mornings. If your like me and not a morning person this is a great style for everyday.


The braids i sleep in just two simple plaits but french braids at the top near the root.


The outcome of the braids the following day.

3. HAIRCARE – Salon science shampoo conditioner and treatment, I am in love. Seriously i wouldn’t recommend something if i didn’t believe in it but i truly am impressed. I don’t know about you guys but every-time i have a shower half of my hair fulls out and even when i brush it most of it comes out in the brush. These hair care products and meant to reduce hair loss and encourage hair growth and that’s exactly what they have done for me. My hair is in such better condition and has definitely grown a lot since using the products. Even better they are now available in Boots for everyone to be able to get there hands on 100% worth a try!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg


4. FUR – Its definitely got dramatically colder this month here in the UK so i have got my fur gillet out again and omg i have lived in it this past month, have literally worn it everyday to work or even over the weekend. Its a great transitional piece and goes with absolutely everything! I can already see that i will be purchasing a lot more fur again this winter i just cant get enough.



5. MASCARA – Last but not least a new mascara i have recently become obsessed with. If you like me and have no eyelashes at all with no curl to them you will  know the struggle is real. I always use eyelash curlers and have been on the hunt for a new cheaper alternative to the roller lash by benefit. I think i have finally found it. This mascara does not leave your lashes clumpy and is still buildable great for top and bottom lashes and gives that perfect lift too.



There you have it another month of my top 5 products / hacks! Hope you enjoyed the post,

Let me know if you try any of the products i have mentioned, would love to know what you thought of them.

Much Love as Always,

Melissa Offord XO 


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