Battle of the Fake Tans

Hey guys,

Hope you all had a fab weekend i know i did, anyway another Monday is here and so is a fresh new post. The cold weather is officially here and me for one refuse to let my pale skin make an appearance so i have been on the hunt for the best fake tan to share with you all. Along the way i have tried and tested so many i thought i would share with you my top 3 that i would highly recommend and links to where you can purchase them!



Love this tan with the coconut scent and fast drying time it is my new go to tan! It retails at only £19.95 also i have a discount code for you all for 25% off (MELISSA25)


This tan is very natural looking and also super mositurising great for people who suffer with dry skin like myself. Retails at £12.99 which is a complete steal.

3.Crazy Angel Tan

Crazy Angel Golden Delight Self-Tan Mousse

Last but not least Crazy Angel Tan, mostly used at professional tanning salons for spray tans but now you can get the same result at home! Always streak free and a lovely floral fragrance, retails at £20.70 little bit more pricey but 100% worth it.

There you have it my current go to fake tans! Let me know if you have tried any or recommend any i haven’t mentioned?

Thanks for reading as always,

Melissa Offord XO


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