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Hey guys welcome back to another Monday Blog, Today’s post is going to be a bit different. If you follow me on social media you will know i went to London at the weekend on Saturday with the boyfriend. We went Christmas Shopping in Oxford Street, Pizza Express & Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park, Had a lovely festive day and thought it would be a good idea to show you the pictures i took of the day! Hope you enjoy this short but sweet post!


Shopping Centre near St.Paul’s X


Shopping Centre near St Paul’s! X


Cute Christmas Decorations Near St Pauls X


St Paul’s Cathedral X


Little Turkish Cafe we visited for Lunch, Should of took a photo before we ate really (MY BAD) was amazing though!


Starter at Pizza Express (Dough Balls/ Olives & Pink Prosecco) SO YUMMY!


How is this even possible?! Someone explain PLEASE 


Winter Wonderland X


Winter Wonderland X


Winter Wonderland X


Winter Wonderland X


Winter Wonderland X


Shoutout to the boyfriend for this day & always treating me like a princess X

Thanks as always for visiting my blog!

Let me know if you have visited Winter Wonderland this year and what you thought of it?

Much Love!

Melissa Offord XO 


4 thoughts on “London Blog

  1. Myself and my boyfriend went to London on Sunday (just uploaded a blog post about it!) It really is beautiful. The lights are stunning over Oxford St. We didn’t get time to go to Winter Wonderland which is shame but it was great. Your picture of the cathedral is stunning! xx

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