Ms Flow Subscription Box

Hey Hey Hey

Today i have a subscription box to share with you all! I’m super excited about it and think it is a great little idea every girl should know about.

“On time… For your time.. Everytime…” 

It is a box made for you when your on your period/ having your time of the month. Whatever you call it you will need this in you life when it strikes (trust me) you will wonder what you did without it.

We all know how crappy and low we feel so what better idea then have a little box of helpful goodies to put that little spring back in your step.

The best thing about the box is you can select your preferences you can choose which best suits your needs, lets face it there’s nothing worse then being sent a box of stuff that wont be used! There are also 3 different box types depending on how long your periods last. For example for the really lucky ladies who only suffer for  (2-3 days) there is the Light flow box, then the Medium Flow for (3-5 days) or for the really unlucky ladies you have the Heavy flow box (5-7 days).

The price of the box depends on which option you choose.

Ms Flow kindly agreed to collaborate with me so i will share with you the lovely box they sent me.

  1. Nuxe – Lip moisturizing stick. 
  2. Garnier – Moisture bomb face mask
  3. Mrs Flow – candle 
  4. Lindt – Chocolate bar
  5. Sass – purifying cleanser
  6. Mixed – Sanitary items
  7. Gnaw – Peanut butter chocolate bar 
  8. Hot chocolate dipping stick
  9. Cura – heat pack 

To subscribe to Ms Flow for your lifesaving little monthly box of goodies,




download (1).jpg

download (2).jpg

download (3).jpg

download (4).jpg


download (5).jpg

Also if you are a new subscriber use the code WELCOME15 for 15% off your first box.

Hope you enjoyed the post, Let me know if you are a subscriber and what you think of the box?

Much love as always,

Melissa Offord XO


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