Behind Bars – Poetry

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Behind bars we lay day by day,

Where people visit us if they pay.

They rattle the bars and always stare,

Its asif they don’t even stop to care.

Aslong as they get the perfect snap,

To post on Facebook with their chap.

They don’t worry about us waiting here,

They don’t look at the picture and see our tear.

Nobody hears and nobody see’s,

The loud cries of help that we plea.

So open your heart and take some action,

We are not just here for your own satisfaction.

We could have a life that is wild and free,

Just leave us in our habitat and let us be.

We don’t want to stay behind these bars,

Why is your life better than ours?

By M.Offord


Life Lessons – Poetry

Hey Guys and welcome back!

Just a little intro to this blog as its a little different, I have always enjoyed writing and recently have been really into writing poems so I thought I would start sharing them with you all, I will upload a poem a month this will be a new series on my blog. All poems shared are wrote by me and are all my own material, let me know if this is something you will enjoy reading! 


When you are so weak your heart just aches, 

Do all you can and whatever takes.

To never give up and remain standing tall, 

Always go that extra mile and take that extra pull. 

Because life is not easy its no walk in the park,

But more like a tunnel that is always dark. 

So look for the light that can guide you through,

Its the only way out its what you must do. 

In life there are lessons we all must learn,

Remember to keep going, don’t make a wrong turn. 

There is a famous saying that most people know, 

It may sound like a joke or a bit of a show. 

But when life gives you lemons you should make lemonade,

Don’t worry who see’s you and don’t be afraid. 

Make the best with your time with whatever you have got, 

Because remember in your life you only ever have one shot.


Thanks for reading as always, 

Much Love, 

Melissa Offord XO