December Top 5

Hello again & Happy new year!

Hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas & great New year : )

Today I am bringing you a better late then never December Top 5 post.

5 products which have been my holy grail for the last month, It would be rude not to share them with you all.

  1. Kevin Aucoin Skin Enhancer OMG OMG OMG this stuff is seriously incredible, need to cover a spot / use as a foundation / even as a highlighter this is your guy. Its a bit pricey and is a very little pot but believe me when I tell you a little goes a long way and its extremely pigmented. To be honest this stuff deserves its very own blog post thats how good it truly is!keau0006f_1_l.jpg
  2. Bleach London If any of you follow me on Social media you might have seen i have recently died my hair a platinum blonde colour, but this shampoo has been an absolute lifesaver for removing yellow and brassy tones from my hair. The best one I am yet to use and very affordable, you won’t be 1 (10).JPG
  3. Zara Jeans As you know I am obsessed with Topshop jeans and will literally shop nowhere else but I have recently found a new love I must share, Zara jeans are amazing super stretchy perfect ankle grazer length and half the price of Topshop!1889240802_1_1_1.jpg
  4. Garnier Umburto Beauty moisture mask – The best conditioning repairing mask i have ever used, Great where i have been bleaching my hair lately. Use once a week and see and feel instant results. At such an affordable price and so easily purchased at Boots/Superdrug this is a must try in my opinion! umberto-giannini-indulgent-beauty-moisture-mask.jpg
  5. GUERLAIN Terracotta Bronzing Powder Last but not least my new current favourite everyday bronzer, Giving that perfect glow even in the wintery months, Lasts all day and doesn’t feel cakey/look muggy! Its safe to say i’m obsessed! GUERLAIN_Terracotta_Bronzing_Powder_10g_1459260179.jpg

There you have it another month bites the dust,

Hope you enjoyed this post & let me know if you try any of the products mentioned!

Would love to know what you thought of them?

Thanks for reading as always, Much Love

Melissa Offord XO


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